New Gentoo/FreeBSD 6.2 stages

I updated the Gentoo/FreeBSD stages to 6.2-r1.

  • Changed CHOST from i486 to i686 to avoid the tcp checksum bug (thanks to Joe Peterson for reporting)
  • Updated baselayout to 2.0.0_alpha1 (with a large startup speed inprovement, thanks to Roy Marples)
  • Removed dhclient from stage3, you need to select your favorite dhcp client such as in Gentoo/Linux (for the time being you can only select net-misc/dhcpcd or net-misc/dhcp)

As usual you can find the stages into /experimental/x86/freebsd/stages/ of your favorite mirror.

FreeBSD current snapshots

Nathan Smith, our best AT (ops he is the only one :P), tried to recompile freebsd-sources with gcc 3 and he found that the bad TCP checksum problem is caused by gcc 4.

I’m going to release a pre-alpha release based on CURRENT (7.0) snapshot.

Later I will acquaint where you can found the ebuilds.

I released Gentoo/FreeBSD 7.0_pre200704 ebuilds under my overlay.

You should have my overlay
layman -a drizzt-overlay

You must change your profile
rm /etc/make.profile
ln -s /usr/portage/local/layman/drizzt-overlay/profiles/default-bsd/fbsd/7.0/x86 /etc/make.profile

Then you must change your CHOST as guide say.

Using emerge -av1 binutils gcc freebsd-lib instead of glibc.

Known Bugs:

  • Locales are broken
  • I need to port the 6.1 patch of rtld-elf to 7.0
  • sparc-fbsd keyword is dropped

Future of Gentoo/FreeBSD

Since Flameeyes has retired UberLord and I become the new leads.

Uber is working on baselayout2 that should boost up the startup time (90% of gain) because it is developed in C and sh (in BSD systems /bin/sh is not bash).

I was working on stage building but my horrible Maxtor 60gb doesn’t resist it >:( so I asked the new member (welp) to build it.

I’m also working on Gentoo/FreeBSD livecd and I hope I can release it asap:p

Stay tuned, more news are coming soon (flash support, linux emulation support, etc) 🙂

Gentoo/FreeBSD 6.2 and FreeSBIE 2.0 released

I bumped sys-freebsd/* to 6.2-RELEASE; tomorrow I hope I can release the stages, for now you can use the 6.2_rc2 stages and emerge -NDav world.
Today we (FreeSBIE team) released FreeSBIE 2.0:


today is a good day, as we, the FreeSBIE team, reached our goal:
it’s the day we release FreeSBIE 2.0.
Development cycle started on August 2006 and, after many months and a
series of four ISO images, an official stable FreeSBIE image is
available. It went under many changes, many experiments, many
bugfixes, many features’ additions, but it was worth the work and the
time we spent on it. We must express our thanks to everyone involved
in the release process.

FreeSBIE 2.0-RELEASE (codename Clint Eastwood) is based on the fresh
FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE, both in terms of sources and of packages. It
contains more than 450 pieces and 1,3 gigabytes of software, all in a
single CD-ROM of 668 megabytes.

The ISO image can be download from FreeSBIE official mirrors, a list
of which is available at

MD5 checksum for the ISO image is:
MD5 (FreeSBIE-2.0-RELEASE.iso) = bb98890aa8ce4fd9d35b5842baa34fdb

Screenshots are available at

Release Notes, Manual and FAQ can be found at

Feel free to send feedback and bug reports to .

Enjoy FreeSBIE and spread FreeBSD!

Thank you all.
Best Regards

Matteo Riondato
FreeBSD Committer (
G.U.F.I. Staff Member (
FreeSBIE Developer (

So you can use FreeSBIE 2.0 to install Gentoo/FreeBSD from now :>>