Gentoo Blogs – Announcement for Developers

== Announcement Gentoo Blogs: ==

We have upgraded the WordPress install, the themes and the plugins for

There are a few announcements as some things have changed with the
latest version:

1. “Twenty Fifteen” Theme – PROBLEMS / Not Working
“Twenty Fifteen” was the theme for the previous version of wordpress as
the default theme, and if you accepted the default theme it is your
theme as well.

There were some changes where some sites, are not displaying correctly
using that theme. Please take a look at your site and feel free to pick
another theme. ¬†Wordpress has introduced “Twenty Sixteen” which looks
cleaner now and might be a good choice.

2. “Twenty Thirteen” theme is currently broken.
The new WordPress update also brought with it a broken theme now.
“Twenty Thirteen” no longer works correctly as well. Please take a look
at alternative themes for your web site. As within seven (7) days we
will be turning off that theme.

3. Picasa Albums Plugin
The Picasa Albums plugin has not been updated in Two (2) years, and with
this version is no longer functioning. If you are using this version. If
you are using this plug-in please let me know. As we would have to find
a replacement.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly or

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