Scala 2.9.0

Thanks to a little prodding from Stefan I am glad to annouce that scala-2.9.0 has just been added to the tree without the delay that bogged the last release.

Thankful not much had changed between the 2.8 and 2.9 ebuilds so it was just a matter of fixing an annoying OutOfMemoryException during building.  If you have less than 1.5GB RAM or if the build fails I suggest trying out the gentoo binary.  Just see the binary use flag ­čÖé

Scala 2.8.1

It might have taken a while but finally I have gotten around to bumping scala to version 2.8.1.  Thanks to Stefan Hausner for the work he did and hopefully with his help I will be able to get newer versions into the tree without delay.


Hello finally.

Its been a while coming but i’ve been wanting to start blogging about what I do around gentoo for a while now. ┬áBefore we go into detail I’ll just start off with a nice short summary.

Over 3 years ago I joined Gentoo as part of the java project and while I am still a part of it my interests are moving me more towards .NET. ┬áLately ive been doing a bit around jruby and been looking at packaging ironruby. ┬áThose are the areas ive been wanting to blog about. ┬á So lets see where they lead us ­čÖé