Volunteers Wanted for the Gentoo Miniconf

The Miniconf needs people from our wonderful community.

  • Graphics designers wanted, to create banners, a Gentoo Miniconf dedicated poster, even some fancy webpage to replace the current miniconf.gentoo.org
  • Help needed to help with Call for Papers
  • In the future (close to the days of the conference) more volunteers will be asked to help on-site, with our room, the booth etc

I will try to update the list with more tasks (and more concrete ones) in the future, in the miniconf webspace. In case you are interested in doing something, please send me a mail in tampakrap@gentoo.org. Stay tuned!

One Response to Volunteers Wanted for the Gentoo Miniconf

  1. osman sualihu says:

    i am Ghanaian very interested in volunteering and making impact to lives., i want to be part of your volunteering group.


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