SUSE Hack Week 9 and openSUSE 12.3 Release Party

Hack Week is a special week for the SUSE engineers. For one full week once or twice per year we are allowed to work on anything we want, even if it is completely irrelevant to our regular job. We’re highly encouraged to work on something openSUSE related though of course. Hack Week 9 is going to take place at April 8. My plan is to work either on providing better openSUSE support on third party Puppet modules, or on open-sourcing one internal RSpec test suite for KIWI.

This is my second participation in Hack Week, and is very special for me as I’ve been also asked to be part of the organizing committee, where I gladly accepted! It’s been so far a very nice experience, so probably I’m going to participate as organizer for the next one as well.

We’re going to have a kickoff meeting at the Prague office, along with openSUSE 12.3 Release Party, on 28th of March, at 16:00, where everyone is welcome to join us!

More info at the Hack Week web site and the announcement at openSUSE News.

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