Second KDE BugSquashing Week

Another 4.6 Beta Release, another BugSquashing week! The second pre-release of January’s upcoming major release, 4.6 Beta 2, is out now, and the KDE BugSquad team is having the second BugSquashing week to follow the success of the first one. This makes it the best opportunity for non-developers to give back to the community, by wrangling as many bugs as possible to help the KDE Team with the vision to have a solid final release.

KDE SC 4.6 is going to bring huge changes, especially in the KDEPIM area, as Kontact and individual applications are ported to the Akonadi Storage Framework, thus excessive testing is needed. Since the first set of beta releases two weeks ago 1318 bugs have been reported and 1176 bugs have been closed. Let’s see if we can beat that this time!

When will it happen?
The Bug Squashing week will take place between Saturday, December 11th and Friday, December 17th.

How can you help?
You can help the KDE BugSquad team in two ways:

  • By trying out Beta 2 (see below on how to do that) and reporting all the bugs you find in it.
  • By helping us triage the incoming bug reports to make sure they are valid, detailed and there are no duplicates.

You do not need to be a developer or have specific skills to help.

What needs to be installed?
You should preferably be running either 4.6 Beta 2 or a checkout of KDE trunk. It is possible to use a Live CD with 4.6 Beta 2, and some distributions even provide packages for the beta release. For instructions on running KDE trunk, please see the guide on the TechBase wiki. You can also help with a recent stable version, such as 4.5.4, at this point.

Where are people going to meet?
The Bug Squashing activities will be coordinated on IRC, in the #kde-bugs channel on Freenode. Further instructions and lists of bugs being triaged are available on TechBase as well.

Bug triaging is a very nice way of getting involved with the KDE community. Join the BugSquad team — you’ll have a lot of fun and will be contributing to make a more successful KDE release day!

How to install it in Gentoo
As usual, there is installation instructions in the Gentoo KDE Guide

KDE SC 4.6 Beta 2 is available in the kde overlay as 4.5.85, and it is masked, both because of its state and its many masked depedencies. For any questions/problems regarding installation and build issues, feel free to ask in #gentoo-kde or open bugs in (please add [kde overlay] in summary).

(To other packagers: Please repost the above announcement in your distro planet, replacing the last chapter with your distro-specific notes)

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3 Responses to Second KDE BugSquashing Week

  1. damian says:

    I think I’ll try to help, but is enough to use a live cd? which would be better? opensuse or fedora?

  2. tampakrap says:

    It doesn’t matter, any distro / livecd with 4.6 beta 2 is acceptable

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bugs 217543 254248 254202 244213 are just from the top of my head.


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