moving services around

A few days ago the box that was hosting our low-risk webapps died ( The services that were affected are and We quickly migrated the services to another box ( Brambling had issues in the past with its RAM, but we changed them with new ones a couple of months ago. Additionally, this machine was used for testing only. Unfortunately the machine started to malfunction as soon as those services were transferred there, which means that it has more hardware issues than the RAM. The resulting error messages stopped when we disabled temporarily. The truth is that this packages webapp is old, unmaintained, uses deprecated interfaces and real pain to debug. In this year’s GSoC we had a really nice replacement by Slava Bacherikov written in django. Additionally, recently we were given a Ganeti cluster hosted at OSUOSL. Thus we decided not to put up again the old instance, and instead create 4 virtual machines in our Ganeti cluster, and migrate the above webapps there, along with the new and shiny website. Furthermore, we will also deploy another GSoC webapp, gentoostats, and start providing our developers with virtual machines. We will not give public IPv4 IPs to the dev VMs though, but probably use IPv6 only so that developers can access them through woodpecker (the box where the developers have their shell accounts), but it is still under discussion. We already started working on the above, and we expect next week to be fully finished with the new webapps live and rocking. Special thanks to Christian and Alec who took care of the migrations before and during the Gentoo Miniconf.

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  1. Crazy Casta says:

    Perhaps a link at to this page would be appropriate.

  2. Evgen says:

    Thank you for this usefull information. I was looking for it the whole week. I wish you big success in providing back updated service!

  3. atmosx says:

    Seriously? From ‘barbet’ you went to ‘brambling’? Man, a random script that reads from /dev/urandom would come with a better name!

  4. tampakrap says:

    The old version of is up again (one of our sysadmins investigated and found the issue that was killing the server) but our plan to move it to the new django version is still valid


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