KDE SC 4.8 Release Party in Prague, CZ

We’re happy to announce a KDE 4.8 Release Party in Prague,CZ!

The party will take place on Friday, 24th of February, 17:00, at the SUSE Linux building (Map, KDE Community Wiki). There will be KDE and openSUSE swag available, KDE SC 4.8 live CDs, plus some short KDE related talks. We’re also gonna have some drinks, a KDE Cake, and lots of fun!

PS In case you are a KDE contributor and would like to give a short talk about it, feel free to send a mail to me or Michal (for czech mails, michal [at] hrusecky [dot] net)

PS 2 Czech announcement and poster in Michal’s blog post

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  1. Rezza says:

    Ah, too bad it’s on 24th, just a week after devconf.cz – I’ll be KO. But we can have a small dinner there too :)


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