KDE SC 4.7 Release Party in Thessaloniki, Greece

Come celebrate with us the new releae of the graphical interface KDE SC 4.7 on Friday, 19 August at 21:00 in Thessaloniki at Dolly’s (Map, KDE Community Wiki).

We’re going to:

  • Nerdy chit chat
  • Distribute KDE SC 4.7 LiveCDs, stickers, pins
  • Eat the Kake (KDE Cake)
  • Drink beers
  • Discuss about creating a greek KDE community
  • Lottery!! (Prizes include T-Shirts and USB sticks)

And of course… Have lots of fun!!!

One Response to KDE SC 4.7 Release Party in Thessaloniki, Greece

  1. pmanousis says:

    Nice! Too pity I will not be able to attend this event, I just read it but I will probably will not be able to reach on time (although Ioannina is not far from Salloniki). I hope we could do sth in Ioannina too, later this year.


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