I’m going to oSC13

I’ll be there! This is a very special event for me, as I’ve been one of the major organizers of oSC12 in Prague, plus I’ve done some remote tasks for oSC13 as well. I’m going to be helping during the event for sure as volunteer. But it is also very special for me because this year it is taking place in my country, in my favorite Greek city (Thessaloniki!!) and is completely organized by close friends of mine!

oSC is mainly organized by the community this year and it is the first year this is happening. I suppose for SUSE, that has been organizing all the past oSC events, it is a bet, but so far I believe it is going great. This is the first year the event is going away from a city that has a SUSE office. As I said in the past though, oSC12 was also organized by the community in its largest part as well. Personally, I’ve been working on this only during my free time, and I got approval to work on it during my regular work time only the last two weeks before the event (and still haven’t been completely relieved from my regular job). So we did the first step already, thus (as I mentioned last year during the live openSUSE Project meeting) I strongly believe that the event is ready to be community driven completely.

I’m also going to give a workshop and a talk, both regarding Puppet. The workshop is going to be pretty much the same I did last year with Alec Warner during the co-hosted Gentoo Miniconf, where we presented the basics of Puppet through 12 examples. The presentation is going to be around the so-called “Lego Pattern”, where I’m going to explain how to organize the Puppet modules in order to get reusable blocks, easy and quick refactoring, good tests, and clean/documented code, in an early stage of a set of best practices that the PuppetLabs guys are trying to enforce us.

Anyway, I am sure that it is going to be a great event, and I’m really looking forward to it. See you there!


Logo “the Greeko”:

PS: For more artwork, the full schedule, and various other information regarding the conference, visit the oSC13 webpage, and be sure to frequently check the openSUSE News

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