I am going to Bootstrapping Awesome!

Pick one, put it on your blog, SPREAD IT AROUND!! Don’t forget the Facebook and Google+ events. Special thanks to Anna Mineeva for creating those beauties, and her boyfriend who is a gentoo user and managed to convinced her to contribute

5 Responses to I am going to Bootstrapping Awesome!

  1. Daniel Lange says:

    awe*r*some? In three of the images you posted.

  2. Ben de Groot says:

    I’m sorry, but these are horrible. They are full of clashing colours, distorted Gentoo ‘g’ logo, spelling mistakes (Praque instead of Prague, awersome, octiber). And there seems to be confusion whether the conference is 2 or 4 days…

    And I know retro is in, but seriously, the 90s want their web-design back!

  3. tampakrap says:

    Thanks for the feedback, all the corrections are committed. And btw I LOVE THE 90’s !!

  4. kilo says:

    Agree with Ben, horrible
    Praque -> Prague
    Chech -> Czech

  5. Bruce Hill says:

    Uh, they’re not *all* fixed yet.


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