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Disclaimer: This is not a Gentoo or KDE related post, but I am the administrator of this planet.

I’m getting a laser eye surgery that will keep me away of screens for at least  two weeks. Planet/blogs requests may lag a bit, Joshua should handle them. The rest (Overlays, KDE, Qt) should be fine, they have strong active teams behind. I’m really excited about this, I suppose it will be a great freedom not to rely on glasses or contact lenses, being able to sleep anywhere. No more blur vision or tired eyes, I’ll be able to stay on my computer for more than the usual 16 daily hours. 

Below are a few highlights from fellow gentoo developers:

  • miknix: have fun looking at girls in high definition with your new guys
  • nightmorph: Sweet, laser eyes are a first step in becoming a cyborg
  • wired: Yay, hardware upgrade! Just to be clear on this: are you getting a “laser eye” surgery or a laser “eye surgery”?
  • likewhoa: ask them about the xray vision package
  • me: I didn’t like that mutation, i chose to become magneto so I can control CPU’s and various PC parts
  • c1pher: And remember, if you need a Gentoo fix, you don’t need to see the screen to do anything… Corny joke about using the force

And the all time classic (made by pchrist):

I gave a lot of thinking on what to do all those centuries that I’m going to be offline, and I decided to learn to skateboard.

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  1. Duncan says:

    Wow! Good luck!

    Your eyesight can’t be /too/ bad, tho, as I tried getting Lasik here and they said that they couldn’t correct to the level needed (-11-ish diopters). They could make it better, perhaps 20/200 or so (I’m worse than 20/2000 now), but couldn’t correct all the way, and then I’d have to wear glasses instead of the contacts I normally wear now.

    The alternative is a much more expensive (out of my price range, for the time being, anyway) total lens replacement surgery, much like they do for cataract patients. They simply replace the natural in-eye lens with one shaped correctly.

    Oh, well, at least I get well better than 20/20 (20/15 or so) distance vision with contacts, tho judging by your pic I’m a bit older than you, and have to wear reading glasses for small/close work (or slide my contact over and hold the material /really/ close, 2-3 inches from my eye).

    But I’m certainly with you as I once had the hope for myself, and I know if it had worked, it would have made at least as much difference as switching to contacts from glasses made for me. And I had a friend that did it and know the difference it made for him! So, definitely, good luck!

  2. Kamen says:

    Just to be sure that you are fully aware of possible complications of Lasik:


  3. tampakrap says:

    (I’m 24yo) Wow -11 is way too much, i’m -6. Two other friends did the surgery with the same doctor, one of whom had -12 and started developing cataract in one eye, almost going to be blind from that. Both are fine now.
    I hate glasses, I’m forced to wear them for the last two weeks before the surgery and I can’t get used to them.

    Too late to move back now :)

    Dunno, I am confident about this. Thank you for your kind words

  4. Kamen says:

    Wish you luck and fingers crossed ;D

  5. Meradz says:

    Congrats! I got PRK on my eyes and love it so far. The healing process is longer, but in most cases I believe it provides better results. My eyes are still adjusting and are not 20/20 yet.

    Best of luck to you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  6. Mike Lothian says:

    I took one of my ex’s to get lazer eye surgery, it worked a treat just make sure you rest your eyes propperly

    PS Think you look hotter pre-assimilation, maybe you could do the whole 10/10 and get the implants removed aka Seven

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