Gentoo Qt Team January 2012 meeting

1. Roll call

johu, hwoarang, pesa, tampakrap, wired

2. Qt 4.8

* cairo fails to build, patched ebuild available in qting-edge, #380013

Cairo build issue is fixed in qting-edge overlay, will be moved together with Qt 4.8.0 to tree.

* qt now defaults to the raster graphicssystem, we should remove raster USE flag, #398283

Wired created a eselect module to choose the Qt graphicsystem. Raster is default, other selectable are opengl, openvg and native. Raster use flag is not needed anymore, qt-gui depends on the new eselect module.

* do we really want to keep qpa USE flag?

qpa and c++0x will be masked in tree.

* are we going to fix #363939 for 4.8?

Wired fixed this bug in qt 4.8.0. Qt 4.8 will be moved to tree on next weekend. Dilfridge prepares kde-base/kstyles-4.7.4 to be rebuild together with Qt 4.8.0 to prevent crashes in KDE apps with Oxygen style.

3. Minor arches and Qt >= 4.7

Upstream supports official amd64, arm and x86, but other arches also considered in configure script. Keep stable keywords for minor arches in Qt 4.6. Wait for minor arches arm, ppc, ppc64 in current stabilization in Qt 4.7.4. Drop sparc keywords in Qt 4.8.0.

4. Overlay migration to

Tampakrap will set up overlay on on next weekend. The new overlay will be renamed to qt instead of qting-edge.

5. Open bugs

* #398885 qdoc3 broken on arm

We will ask the reporter if it works when he builds manually by providing him a configure command to make sure he tries the proper build.

* #394533 Libreoffice crashes in qt on exit

Can’t be reproduced with Libreoffice, seems to be resolved by upstream.

* #392433 desktop file name issues

Will be fixed in Qt 4.8.0, so that qt-gui and qt-assistant no longer pass absolute paths to make_desktop_entry().

* #388551 qt-gui[gtkstyle] should depend on gnome-base/libgnomeui-2

We will add a elog message in qt-gui[gtkstyle] saying that for things to work you either need libgnomeui or that variable set properly in your env.

* #382559 qt_mkspecs_dir() returns bad spec directory

The bug will be marked as RESOLVED WORKSFORME, because we can’t reproduce it. Additionally we change the eclass not to use LIBDIR in favor of get_libdir() after Qt 4.8 hits the portage tree.

* #359391 qt4-build.eclass should check for —buildpkgonly before downgrade sanity check

Resolution will be RESOLVED WONTFIX. Sanity check is there for a reason. It’s not a matter of source or binary downgrade.

7 Responses to Gentoo Qt Team January 2012 meeting

  1. acidrums4 says:

    Does that mean that in the next week Qt 4.8 will be in the stable tree? Those are big news!

  2. tampakrap says:

    No, we don’t stabilize .0 releases. The first stable candidate is 4.8.1, which is not released yet of course.

  3. acidrums4 says:

    Anyway, hope it will be released soon and could be stabilized…

  4. Alec says:

    Was there any reason the c++0x flag was masked? I don’t think it caused any problems, did it?

  5. Alex Alexander (wired) says:

    c++0x was masked because qt-webkit doesn’t build with it at the moment – well, it does, but only because we append -fpermissive to its CFLAGS with the c++0x use flag enabled.

    we will reconsider unmasking the use flag in future minor releases if it gets fixed :)

  6. AzP says:

    Will QtCreator come with support for Symbian/Harmattan/MeeGo builds? The Nokia SDK has it pre-installed, but when I tried to start development, I saw that the compile targets hadn’t been installed with my development environment.


  7. Markos Chandras says:


    No because there are no usable sources to provide this support for Gentoo. There is a bug[1] but it is of a very low priority. If you want to develop for these platforms you need to use the SDK



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