Gentoo KDE Team March 2011 meeting

The KDE meeting had the usual monthly meeting yesterday. After a long discussion we decided to switch to add Trinity ebuilds finally in tree. There has been a lot of time we were working on those ebuilds, we consider them mature enough now for end users. Since we lack the manpower to provide support for two DE’s, we will have to move KDE 4 ebuilds in a user-maintained overlay, called kde4-sunset. A Gentoo KDE 4 team may suffice of course, but until that happens, we are obliged by our QA team’s policy to remove any non-maintained / obsolete ebuilds away from our users, especially for security reasons. The following actions will take place in the following days:

  • Add Trinity ebuilds in tree
  • Create a portage news announcement and front page announcement, making their removal official and 
  • Mask KDE 4 ebuilds for removal in 30 days
  • Create the kde4-sunset overlay
  • Move KDE 4 ebuilds in that overlay
  • Call again for help (blog posts, forums etc)
The Trinity project is a very promising project, since it is built on top of KDE 3, the only working KDE version. We wish the KDE 4 developers all the best on their effort, and we hope that other distros will follow our steps.

8 Responses to Gentoo KDE Team March 2011 meeting

  1. Timothee Groleau says:

    I can’t believe you actually got me there for a sec 😀

  2. Tiago Marques says:

    Actually, KDE 4 is rather bug filed and bloated, while Trinity is not an April Fool’s joke.

    Thankfully, while Trinity is undergoing “surgery” to go well with up to date system components, kde-sunset still serves most of my needs – thank you for keeping that up, Gentoo KDE team.
    Hopefully, less than a year from now, Trinity should actually be very viable as a full time replacement for overbloated DEs. Like some people have found out, KDE 3.5.10 gets the job done:

  3. Kamen says:

    Is portage KDE4 going in sunset or just testing kde4 ebuilds?

    P.S. How are your eyes after the surgery?

  4. Lasath says:

    That seriously scared the SHIT out of me!

    (I live in Australia and it was already April 2nd here. Only a few minutes ago did I remember the time difference, and the thought of another April Fools occurred to me)

  5. KDE4BLOWS says:

    It’s only funny because it’s true. Trinity me, please!

  6. urcindalo says:

    You have to be careful. As a Spaniard I’m aware of April Fool’s since I lived in the USA, but as a member of “the rest of the world” :) we have our own Fool’s day. In Spain, for instance, it is December the 28th, when Herod killed all the newly-born babies.

    Gentoo is used all around the world, so at least I advise you to rectify the “news” after a day. There are people who will never understand these kind of jokes when they are made in April.

    It was funny, though…. :)

  7. tampakrap says:

    Some more bullshit I did that day: which led to and

    I added the tag fun to this post, and to last year’s april’s fool post about switching back to KDE 3 😛


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