Gentoo KDE Team June 2011 meeting

1) KDE SC 4.6.80 aka 4.7 beta 1 bump

jmbsvicetto and alexxy did a great job so far about it, with ABCD forward-porting the commits to the live ebuilds. It is not ready yet though, and we’d not recommended to users yet, unless they know what they are doing. Upstream split some of the tarballs in order to follow the repos for 4.7. We were very lucky so far, and upstream’s split was very similar to ours, apart from kdebindings, which we’ll have to re-package to follow them.

2) Drop of kdeprefix useflag

The kdeprefix USE flag is announced to be dropped this Monday. As a result, we’ll have to move all ebuilds to slot 4. We could move them to 0 as well in order to drop the slotting entirely, but since most of them are already 4 it will prevent us from doing another massive slotmove.

3) Useflags in kde profile

It was decided these useflags to be added to the kde profile: declarative, dri, kipi, phonon, plasma, semantic-desktop, xcomposite, xinerama, xscreensaver

4) KDE SC 4.6.3 stabilization

First of all, dilfridge deserves congratulations for taking care the heavy job of doing the 4.6.2 stabilization, along with Qt 4.7 and a large number of other Qt and KDE applications. Keep in mind that this was a really hard job to do, since the previous stable version was 4.4.5. Things are now back in order now, with 4.6.2 fully stabilized and 4.4 completely removed (finally). 4.6.3 is the next stabilization target, to keep stable tree up to date.

*) Open floor

dilfridge said he is interested in doing some cups work, which we hope to affect KDE and desktop users in general.

We lost scarabeus, one of our top developers. Thus, we’d like to remind anyone that we always appreciate the help of new people. If you are one of the guys that already has access to the overlay, time to complete your ebuild and end quiz then!

4 Responses to Gentoo KDE Team June 2011 meeting

  1. Blablabla says:

    Thank you so much guys. KDE and Gentoo are a very cool combination. Keep it going!

  2. speedyx says:

    Thankyou for your work! I use this throught Sabayon packages. I use with big satisfaction 4.6.3. You’ve done a great job guys! I’m sorry but I’m not a so advanced user to contribute directly. Sig!

  3. tampakrap says:

    You don’t have to be. Here is a list of things that everyone could do to help us: report bugs, comment on others’ bugs (for example, “I was able to reproduce, it might be related with that”), read and propose improvements to our documentation, test our ebuilds, especially the beta ones, show up on IRC and answer others’ questions, and so on. You just have to be a KDE user to do the above, no programming skills are required. Plus, if random people do the above, it means more time for us to devote on ebuild hacking.
    On the other side, if you do want to get your hands dirty and start contributing code, feel free to join us on IRC. We’ll be happy to mentor you.

  4. px79 says:

    Looking at the small list of people at, working hard that the ordinary user just has to type “emerge -uND world” in order to get a well working updated KDE desktop, is really great work. My deep respekt and great thank!


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