Gentoo KDE Team January 2012 meeting

1) Roll call

alexxy, jmbsvicetto, dilfridge, johu, mschiff, tampakrap, Thev00d00

2) Electing a new team leader

Since one year is not over yet, it will be skipped for the next meeting.

3) What shall we do with kdepim-4.4

KDEPIM 4.4 is not supported any more by upstream, but on the other hand KDEPIM2 is still too buggy. We had a discussion if we should remove it completely or if we should continue maintain it, despite the compatibility bugs that started to emerge with newer KDE versions. Final decision is that we will continue support it as long it works with newer KDE SC releases. We’ll keep the kdepim-l10n split package to provide the translations for it.

4) kdeenablefinal revisited

Since upstream doesn’t seem to care about it much, plus it doesn’t make much sense now that there are many split tarballs, we decided to remove it the next day after the meeting.

5) phonon-xine removal

KDE upstream acknowledged that this is not maintained anymore. It’s already masked since 2011/12/01. Will be last rited and removed 15 days afterwards.

6) Qt 4.8

We expect no big issues with it. Kdenlive is the only known application that does not build at the moment and will be patched. kde-base/kstyles-4.7.* needs to be rebuilt after the upgrade, which we’ll solve with a combination of revbump/dependencies (otherwise KDE apps using oxygen style crash).

7) Dropping RPATH from installed binaries

Postponed for next meeting, need more info from reavertm and/or hardened herd.

8) To eselect Boost or not to eselect boost

No final decision was taken, discussion will be moved to -dev mailing list.

9) Bugs

* dev-util/cmake picks always the latest boost. Fix in overlay since 13. Dec. Move to tree?

see 8.

* cmake-utils.eclass PREFIX is not defined, any progress?

Postponed for next meeting

* Remove hard dep on media-libs/phonon from kde-base/kdelibs

Although it is possible to build kdelibs against qt-phonon, it is not recommended by upstream. Decision postponed for next meeting.

* Eclass problem with handbook without LINGUAS.

Needs more analysis. Postponed.

* MacOSX request for cmake-utils.eclass: Remove force of  CMAKE_BUILD_WITH_INSTALL_RPATH=TRUE

That was a request by the Gentoo Prefix team, and got accepted

* Revise the change “semantic-desktop? -> semantic-desktop=”. Why was the change needed.

We had split opinions on this. Skipped for next meeting, as we need reavertm’s input on this.

10) Open floor

  • Tampakrap will make a KDE SC 4.8 release party in Prague, more info coming soon.
  • Qt meeting on Thursday 26th Jan.
  • See you at fosdem :)
Meeting Log can be found here
I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

2 Responses to Gentoo KDE Team January 2012 meeting

  1. andre klapper says:

    Re KDE SC 4.8 release party in Prague: states January 10th, should probably be February 10th? (Sorry, don’t have a KDE wiki account to correct this myself).

  2. tampakrap says:

    I changed the date, it’s going to take place on the 24th finally, but thanks for the heads up :)
    I’m going to push a public announcement with poster soon


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