Gentoo KDE February 2011 Meeting

Since random people poke us in IRC about the same questions, I decided to redistribute the last meeting’s summary in my blog.

0) Elect new lead

Wheee I am the new Leader! I am the head, the boss, the godfather, the lord of the rings, the bourne identity (joke stolen from The IT Crowd). I can’t see how that affects anything though, in my opinion team leaders are useless positions, the council is enough.

1) Status regarding hal

Since KDE SC 4.6 is out, we don’t need it anymore. As soon as 4.6 gets stable, hal can die

2) Should we try to form a “stable KDE devs” team? Meaning just call for volunteers on the gentoo-dev mailing list?

dilfridge stated that since most of the kde team members use ~arch, stable seems to lag behind. The problem is very obvious now, mainly because we haven’t stabilized 4.4. The problem will go away as soon as 4.6 gets stable though. Apart from main kde, the misc apps are also slow in stabilization. We expect users to request for stabilizations in bugzilla.

3) kde-git/eclasses migration and status, move kdepim 4.6 beta in tree masked

reavertm, Sput, and scarabeus did a major cleanup in our eclasses and added git support to eclasses and ebuilds. In order to migrate the eclasses to tree we will need to get git-2.eclass in tree first (it is now in kde overlay as well). ETA: not less than a month. As a side note, we decided to remove koffice-specific codeout of the eclasses.

4) Shall we drop useflags kdeenablefinal and/or kdeprefix to simplify code?

First of all, both useflags are masked. We agreed to keep kdeenablefinal, since it is an upstream feature. About kdeprefix, the problem is that bindings are not prefixed, and a possible fix (proposed by reavertm) would be to slot sip. tampakrap said he’ll work on this, and bring the topic back in next meeting.

5) Dropping of semantic-desktop useflag with guide update (mostly even kdebase needs it on now)

This entry is invalid, semantic-desktop is not needed by kdebase. The problem is in our ebuilds (plasma-workspace is semi broken, kdeplasma-addons is completely broken). We have open bugs for those, the problem is clearly in our side.

6) Making +consolekit and +policikit or removing the useflags as whole (non working stuff run-as is annoying)

scarabeus and dilfridge are in favour of dropping them, since it caused a lot of trouble debugging various user reports. reavertm prefers adding it to IUSE defaults. No consensus was succeeded, the topic will be continued in the gentoo-desktop mailing list (Here is the topic).

7) HT/overlay/bugzie access policy

Since we don’t have a clear list of who is an HT and who isn’t, we decided to compile a list, and state what priviledges the HT has. (HT = Herd Tester). Some people don’t have time/motivation to complete their ebuild quiz, thus we’ll have two groups of people: * full HTs (overlay access, editbugs, access to ktown, IRC cloak) * overlay commiters We decided to drop the KDE HT Lead title, seems rather useless. (As a side note, we always welcome new members, either for HT or for full developer status, feel free to contact me).

8 ) LiveDVD issues

LiveDVD comes with KDE SC 4.6 as default DE, and we called likewhoa (the guy behind it) to report any issues. He said that everything seems to be fine, but random users wanted the cool gentoo graphics to be applied to in-tree ebuilds as well. The KDE Team is willing to do that, likewhoa said he’ll provide us some artwork and we’ll discuss again the USE=”branding” issue.

9) documentation status

There has been a major improvement in the guide, added some 4.6 specific tips and troubleshooting parts, we need to add a hal->udev migration guide (there is a draft in my devspace, based on this forum post), and migrate some texts that are in kde overlay to guidexml.

10 & 11) 4.6 (and misc apps with 4.6) status / Early discussion about 4.6 stabilization

KDE SC 4.6 is going fine, we all agreed that 4.6.1 could be a good candidate, we’ll discuss it again after its release. About a 4.6 KDEPIM version, no idea yet, we’ll have to wait on upstream moves first. Most misc apps seem to be fine with 4.6 as well.

*) Open floor

One major issue is digikam, it comes with lots of bundled libraries, which violates the Gentoo QA Policy. We heard that Debian has same thoughts on the matter, we’ll have to bring them to table. Relevant bug report:

Desktop Summit! We were invited last year to Akademy to give a talk about Gentoo-KDE, noone made it. Some of us expressed interest for this year’s event, which combines GUADEC and Akademy. Also, some of our gnomies may be there, which is a perfect opportunity for some in-person trolling.

Gentoo KDE team meeting Summary and Log

6 Responses to Gentoo KDE February 2011 Meeting

  1. Summit says:

    LiveDVD? Where’s it?

  2. tampakrap says:

    Still under construction, these days we’ll have an alpha release in public. In case you want to help with testing, feel free to join #gentoo-ten (freenode) and ping likewhoa

  3. Summit says:

    I thought you were talking about likewhoa’s LiveDVD. I tried it but I didn’t like it, because it doesn’t come with my wireless card’s firmware (even Gentoo’s installation CD comes with it) and I couldn’t enable desktop effects

  4. likewhoa says:

    @Summit what wireless firmware are you referring to? Desktop Effects are known not to work inside Virtualbox but has been working on ATI,NVIDIA and INTEL hardware. Can you join #gentoo-ten on IRC so i can help address your issues?

  5. Roger says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t stabilize KDE 4.6 until KDE bug #264487 is taken care of. Especially if one has lots of partitions and/or optical drives, it makes Dolphin and all file dialogs take forever to load. It’s by far the most annoying bug I’ve seen in KDE for a while.

  6. eeles35 says:

    Since random people poke us in IRC about the same questions, I decided to redistribute the last meeting


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