Gentoo KDE and Qt September Meetings

Part of today’s KDE Team meeting:

KDE 4.5 status and plans to put it in Portage

We agreed that KDE 4.5.1 is suffering of some important bugs, and after a long discussion we decided to put it in portage, but it will never make it to stable branch. We are mentioning the upstream bugs, as we think that users should be aware of them before updating:

Also, keep in mind that KDE SC 4.5 lacks the KDEPIM suite, so users should use KDEPIM 4.4.5 instead, which is also stable in portage tree.

In case of an update it should be smooth.

The whole summary and log can be found at the KDE project space.

The Qt Team also had a meeting one our later, summary and logs at the Qt project space

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8 Responses to Gentoo KDE and Qt September Meetings

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  2. Patrizio says:

    Good, so we’re waiting for it to be in portage (atm i still can’t find it)

    any eta? this weekend?

    will it be masked or ~unstable for archs?

  3. CarlosMC says:

    Great news!

    +1 to Patrizio’s questions :-)

  4. tampakrap says:

    it will be on testing branch (which is the ~unstable as you stated). There is a blocker bug from our side, which affects the installation of the handbooks. Maciej said he’ll fix it very soon and i’ll put it in portage immediately.

  5. René says:

    good news! That bug 230247 was holding you back is strange, I, like the bug opener, already saw that bug in 4.4

  6. jj says:

    Like René said, bug 230247 is also present in 4.4 (I didn’t try 4.4.5 yet, though).

  7. greg says:

    Hi, I have actually 2 questions: Will digikam work with kipi-plugins 1.4.0 after upgrade? Newbie question: how to unmask kde 4.5.1 manually?


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