Gentoo KDE and Qt February Meetings

In the last KDE and Qt meetings, there have been many and important changes, so I decided to blog about them to keep users up-to-date. The summaries and logs are available in each project’s site ( and Both projects have regular meetings, every third Thursday of the month (unless announced otherwise), and very often they have a common one. The channel that hosts us is #gentoo-meetings in Freenode, and everyone is welcome to join us. I will mention only the most remarkable issues that were discussed/decided, which seem to be a lot:

Qt meeting, 19 February 2010

This was delayed one day, so I missed it. I really hate it when I miss Gentoo meetings, as every time they are very fun and challenging, and I like very much interacting with so many Gentoo developers and contributors at the same time. Before proceeding, I’d like to point out that the Qt Project was very recently founded as a separate project, because the Qt Team (sub-herd of the KDE Project) has grown too much and had too many non-KDE issues. The Qt members are doing an awesome work. And here are some of the important issues:

  1. We now have an "unofficial" channel in IRC, and a new shiny Qt Subdomain! So from now on you can find us in #gentoo-qt on Freenode, and our documentation resides in (thanks to Robin (robbat2) for setting that up). Of course we will still be available in #gentoo-kde or #gentoo-desktop.
  2. Raster USE flag is going to be on by default. Μάρκος (hwoarang) already blogged about this asking for testing.
  3. Qt 3 has been masked for removal from the tree, along with all Qt 3 packages and the qt3 USE flag. The only blocker for this task was MythTV, which now has a stable Qt 4 replacement in Gentoo. Also, Ben (yngwin) informed the kde-sunset maintainers about this, but so far I didn’t see anyone committing those apps there, so if you want to do it (or do general qt3 and kde3 work), consult this document. (Reminder: kde-sunset is user-maintained overlay, anyone interested can ask for access there, so if you are still interested in Qt 3 and/or KDE 3 packages, please ask for commit access instead of complaining to the Gentoo developers).

KDE meeting, 25 February 2010

This was delayed one week, which was a request by me, so it won’t be during my exams. There hasn’t been a KDE meeting in January, so there were plenty of topics to discuss. I was also the moderator of this one, which made it double fun. In most of the issues there has been some progress, so let’s begin:

  1. We now have a new leader, Tomáš Chvátal aka scarabeus. After a year of Jorge Manuel B.S. Vicetto’s (jmbsvicetto) absolutely perfect leadership, we had the annual elections, were scarabeus was voted by pretty much everyone. He is admittedly very skilled and very active in Gentoo community in general, as a member of QA, X11 and KDE Teams and also a recent council member. I’d also like to give props to my former "boss" Jorge, especially for taking over that old nasty mysql/amarok issue and creating the patch.
  2. KDE SC 4.3.5 is stable in tree now, and the newly released KDE SC 4.4.1 is available in tree as testing. There have been many problems with 4.4.0 (mostly crashes), so it won’t be a stable candidate for sure. We’ll see how 4.4.1 goes and accordingly decide if this is going to be a stable candidate, or wait for 4.4.2.
  3. Amarok and MySQL 5.1 suffer from the same old issue. Thus, we strongly recommend to remove the embedded USE flag from both Amarok and MySQL. In fact, it is not anymore enabled by default in the ebuilds. As a side note about MySQL, Akonadi seems to break in some machines with >MySQL-5.1.42. The problem is known to upstream developers, and there have been some workarounds in KDE forum, but I didn’t have time to test any of them yet.
  4. KDEPIM in trunk KDE is currently broken (really just kmail). This is because kmail’s mail storage is being ported to akonadi, so IMAP (I don’t know about the other protocols for sure) doesn’t work at all at the moment. Sput (Quassel developer) proposed to use the enterprise KDEPIM branch, which is supposed to work, as it is being paid by companies. I sent an email asking for help in gentoo-desktop mailing list, with no answers so far. Please see the thread archive (available here) for more info. I would also like to inform you that the KDE Team decided not to provide the usual trunk snapshots until version 4.4.70 (which is going to be the first alphas), because of this KDEPIM issue.
  5. KOffice 2.1.1 is released a month ago, but it is not available to users yet. Actually, it is in tree hardmasked, as it needs a close depedency checking in ebuilds. I was held responsible for this, and I hope till the weekend it will be done, if I get enough help from scarabeus which was the former KOffice ebuilds maintainer, or by anyone else from the KDE Team (there are plenty of people in the Team, I’m sure I’ll find someone to help me). By the way, this is my only KDE todo thing left.
  6. KNetworkManager is now in tree, but also hardmasked. This was in upstream’s kdereview branch, which contains packages that stay there for review by the developers for wider testing, before they move to their final KDE module or extragear branch (take a look at KDE’s SVN repo to get the picture). It was supposed to be released along with KDE 4.4, but it didn’t make it. So, I created a snapshot of the current SVN repository, which seems to have many problems, like crashes, missing features etc. So I guess it will remain hardmasked for a while, and I will continue to update the snapshot once every two weeks.
  7. The KDE Documentation is also one of my playgrounds. I recently updated the guide, and with a quick look I did the following: closed all three bugs regarding the KDE Installation Guide, added more items in Hints and Troubleshooting section, completely removed the kdeprefix reference, replaced the snapshots installation guide with a note that we won’t provide them for now, and done a bunch of small fixes (mostly version corrections and typos).
  8. I raised the issue of kde-meta (and accordingly @kde-* sets) not including all KDE modules. It currently excludes the developer-specific modules like KDESDK and KDEbindings (although it does contain KDEWebDev), and proposed either to include them all in kde-meta or to introduce a developer or sdk USE flag in kde-meta. Some developers were opposed on this, proposing to have a new meta package, like kdefull-meta, an idea which I actually hated. Our final word on this was to open a new discussion thread in gentoo-desktop mailing list, which I did, and review the issue in the next meeting.
  9. Finally, I’d like the attention of everybody here, as the following issue is very very important. In a previous meeting we discussed the split of the desktop profile in gnome/ and kde/ subprofiles. We raised the idea in gentoo-dev mailing list for review, and we had a positive feedback in general. Other DE’s refused to have a special subprofile, so they will stick to the basic desktop profile. What this means is that the desktop profile from now on will not contain GNOME or KDE-specific USE flags, which are transfered to the according subprofile. For users that want both DE’s (or just both DE-specific USE flags) can enable them manually in their make.conf (they are not many after all). The major advantage from the user-side of view is that many unwanted dependencies get stripped off automatically, and from the developer-side of view is that from now on we’ll have a more separate approach when packaging. The patches are ready and sent for review in gentoo-dev mailing list. Currently the result can be seen in the kde-crazy overlay, and here you can see the relevant thread. A news item will also be made before committing, and I hope that the final move will happen next week. I’d like to thank Maciej (reavertm), Ben (yngwin) and Samuli (ssuominen) for their precious help on this. (P.S. This is one of the very few moments that I felt I did some Gentoo development instead of KDE packaging, if you know what I mean :) )

Qt Team meeting Log and Summary
KDE Team meeting Log and Summary

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12 Responses to Gentoo KDE and Qt February Meetings

  1. Fumoffu says:

    As a Gentoo KDE user for several years let me say thanks for your hard work. Nice to see the KDE herd moving forward steadily… :-)

  2. Duncan says:

    Thanks for the summary. I haven’t seen the last couple in the desktop group/list where they had been formerly posted, and have been missing them.

    FWIW, I use my own sets, based on the ones in the kde overlay, but with some entries (all the libraries as dependencies brought in anyway if needed, various apps I don’t need) commented out. That seems to be the best upgradable management method I’ve come up with, as I can diff between the new sets and my own to see what’s changed, with the commented entries clearly visible and thus separate from new entries.

    Actually, if I run emerge –ask –depclean now, it warns that I don’t have a world file and seriously bad things might happen (they won’t), as I have /everything/ in sets, now. =:^)


  3. nidi says:

    Good read, thank you!!

    A happy user :-)

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks for this article. It really helped me to understand what is going on in KDE Gentoo development. Looking forward for future articles.

  5. Tony M says:

    Thanks for posting this on the planet. Keep up the good work.

  6. tampakrap says:

    I posted this on planet KDE too, although it was delayed two days. I hope we’ll get more Gentoo KDE users now :)

  7. mpagano says:

    Nice update, thanks.

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  10. Jackie Stalling says:

    When is the next KDE meeting?

  11. tampakrap says:

    We haven’t planned one yet

  12. Kiley Cumpton says:

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