Gentoo Bugday, Saturday 3rd April

As every first Saturday of the month, on April 3rd we will have the usual bugday at #gentoo-bugs (freenode). This is a good opportunity for the users to contribute to their favorite distro. Sebastian Ping started a long discussion in gentoo-dev mailing list which resulted in creating a nice Bugday flag in bugzilla. You can see his blog post for additional info on this.

As far KDE/Qt is concerned, so far I marked several KDE bugs as bugday candidates, and I’m going to mark even more tomorrow, and also do the same thing with Qt bugs. For KDE, most of them are old bugs that may not affect current releases, so what we want from you is to try to reproduce with recent KDE installations and leave a comment in the bug. This is mostly a reply to the usual question: "I’m not a developer, how can I help?". Of course, patches are always welcome. Since the list is long, I’m willing to coordinate with users until Wednesday (which will make it an extended bugday :) ) and summarize the results then. See you there!

(I’ll update the post with more info and qt bugs tomorrow).


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