Enough is enough

I’m done with this KDE 4 crap. After all these years and still no working TV application. It’s killing me that I can’t watch the lifestyle news.

Maybe I was in too much of a rush when I removed KDE 3 from the tree. I’m definitely bringing it back.

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8 Responses to Enough is enough

  1. Anton says:

    I told u so 😉 But now it’s too late. We need to move forward because KDE4 is not so bad (really). It’s need 1gb ram and some applications are not ready for end user.

  2. Nirbheek Chauhan says:

    Ow, you almost got me there. April Fools! :)

  3. RealNC says:

    Too late. April fool’s over 😛

  4. pva says:

    He-he. That is the reason I’ve switch all desktops around to gnome.

    And well, probably kde-3 is not a big loss, but qt-3 definitely is… I just back from Italy where I’ve bought hdspa TIM modem. And guess what libraries were required to run modem configuration? Yup, qt3! Since I had ebuild in my overlay it was just a matter of one evening to have everything working, but I doubt everyone preserved qt3 for such cases 😉 And even if we ignore proprietary applications there are useful qt3 applications without alternatives – pdfeditor, twinkle (yup, SIP over tcp nobody else supports and upstream had hard time moving that app to qt4), kchmviewer (qt4 version is not that useful as it does not render some documents)… But well, I know we don’t have enough developers to maintain both versions of qt.

    SO I really think this is not a joke)

  5. Skiarxon says:

    Yeap since missing “Axizei na to deis” and shows like that is a great loss. Damn where is my tv? :(

  6. Alexander E. Patrakov (not a KDE user) says:

    Well, for TV, you can probably use some KDE4 mplayer frontend. What drove me off KDE4 was the lack of a good IRC client and general instability.

  7. Wat says:

    You people are crazy. I’ve never had stability problems except in the early 4.0 and 4.1. I’m now using 4.4.2. The online TV I watch, I do so via mplayer.

    If you’re ragequitting KDE forever, just install Gnome and stop using blogilo.

  8. Lars says:

    that would actually be a very funny result of gentoo’s kde team meeting, whose summary i still miss on http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/desktop/kde/ , btw.

    anyway… when will kde 4.4 be avaliable in the offical portage tree? “New [KDE] sub-minor releases (e.g. 4.3.1) are released every month. Unless there are any setbacks, they are stabilised within a month after their addition to the Portage tree.” <– really? has that ever been the case since that sentence was written?

    i mean, sure 4.4 has bugs, but so does 4.3. in tendency, i think, the number of bug decreases, so even though newer kde versions are not perfect, they are still better then their predecessors. e.g., i have made about 20 pain-in-the-ass bug reports or feature requests (like sorting in kile…) for kde 4.4 – some of them have finally been included in 4.4, but unless users do overlay-woodoo, they currently can not enjoy the improvments. instead, they will get angry and maybe take their time to file a bug report, just to find out that this was a bug which has already been fixed. if you now tell me, you suggest overlays in generell, then why have kde 4.3 marked as stable in portage at all?

    many other distros already switched to kde 4.4 – when will gentoo follow up?


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