Bash on Balls

Yey! Finally, a web framework written in bash! Brilliant idea, along with a clever selection of words for its name! This is the description according to its authors:

This is a fully-featured web platform for everyone’s favorite scripting language: bash. Because, you know, we can.
Written using ADD (API driven development)

While it is really cool and funny, the project is still taking its first steps, which means no documentation yet (at least there is a ticket for it though). I’ve also added a live ebuild in my overlay (gentoo-el in layman). Time to leave behind your favorite python/ruby/php framework. Have fun!

4 Responses to Bash on Balls

  1. Ormaaj says:

    Silly but I can see the appeal. Bash lies at a unique and under-appreciated level of abstraction. I’m guessing this thing exploits /dev/tcp for just about everything it does? Lack of libxml bindings must be painful.

  2. Seza says:

    Pure Awesomeness! 😀 Now I can truly run webservices from command line! Thanks for sharing this & the ebuild :)

  3. Donnie Berkholz says:

    Who needs bindings when you’ve got xmlstarlet (command-line XML stuff)

  4. Jay Adkisson says:

    Thanks for the writeup :) I’m working on a few things to make development a bit easier right now (like testing, packaging, etc.), but I appreciate any and all participation.

    It never stops surprising me how easy it is to set up seemingly complex systems in bash. You do have to deal with the utter lack of data structures every once in a while, but it’s amazing what you can do with dynamic scoping and subshells.



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