Akonadi now works with MySQL 5.1

Yesterday Robin (robbat2), our Gentoo MySQL maintainer notified me that there has been a patch in MySQL 5.1, also approved by upstream developers, that fixed the akonadi crashes. Robin worked very close with the upstream developers and helped a lot for this. The patch in Gentoo is in dev-db/mysql-5.1.44-r1. At first it didn’t work, but recompiling x11-libs/qt-sql did the trick (which is the split sql module of the Qt package – Gentoo provides split Qt packages). As far as I know, other distros already shipped it. For those who didn’t, more information can be found in the following bug reports:

… and the patch is here

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7 Responses to Akonadi now works with MySQL 5.1

  1. Sunil says:

    I’m dying for akanodi to become the norm. I love my PIM apps, and calendar regularly using kontact and kolab.

    Keep up the great work :)

  2. zhora says:

    what kind of data Akonadi have to store in MySQL? Can’t it use only Nepomuk?

  3. Maciej Mrozowski says:

    Akonadi (as it’s PIM resource abstraction library) needs database to store resource cache + related data. It’s common misconception however that Akonadi is thought to provide actual KIM resource storage. It’s not the case – resources are stored in ‘plain good old’ files like .vcf or .ics calendar/notes files.

    Nepomuk itself uses SPARQL-aware database to store resource tags that in case of Virtuoso happens to be relational database, and it may be used by akonadi in a future (there are such plans, no deadlines yet).

  4. zhora says:

    So it is possible to store all needed data (those, which now is in MySQL) in Nepomuk, and not depend on MySQL at all?

  5. tampakrap says:

    nope, akonadi server needs a db, it currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite, but I am not sure about the status of the last two ones

  6. zhora says:

    But nepomuk-storage is a db
    What kind of data does not fit there, that is the question


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