A Linux Rubik’s Cube

Recently some friends were spending most of their time in solving the Rubik’s Cube (3x3x3), finding new fascinating algorithms and reducing their time to the minimum. I think their record now is about a minute and a half, maybe less. But as professional geeks they decided to take it one step further. The following picture is enough I guess:

I am not following their new fashion (yet, I don’t think I’ll escape for too long), so I’m going to transfer the following information. The solving is now more difficult, as the image in the middle can be in wrong rotation, a problem which can not be seen in monochrome cubes. Thus, they also learned a 180° rotating algorithm, and I think they haven’t found a 90° one. Furthermore, one of my friends solved a 5x5x5 cube that I owned some time now, but never tried to even touch! He solved it in two and a half hours, and said that the procedure is very similar to the 3x3x3 one from some point. I wasn’t present then, but I believe him.

Here are the SVG files for anyone interested in printing the same cube: distro_cube.tar.gz

Congratulations to my friends Cephalon, Forfolias and Nim! You are now officially marked as destroyed personalities with no life!

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  2. Er0x says:

    Nice one, time to find my rubik’s cube :)


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