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Subversion setup and Gorg

Hello, first actual post in linux planets Introduction Recently I wanted to have an svn+ssh installation, without giving ssh access to the users. The procedure is very simple, and it doesn’t diverge much from the typical subversion configuration. This is …

Thessaloniki Hip Hop Festival 2009 Report

I was very excited about this from the very beginning, mostly because I didn’t have the chance to be in another THHF since 2004. I mean, how can someone not be excited about this, given all those live performances and side events, plus the fact that I have seen videos from all the past events and regretting every single year for not going? I was about to witness some of my favorite bands live on stage, after so many years of waiting and listening to their tracks. The event took place at Friday, 18 and Saturday, 19 December 2009 at the club Block33. So, let’s begin our trip.