How to speed up maintenance and other Gentoo work?

I’m collecting ideas from the wider development and contributing community on how to help maintainers and contributors get work done quicker, or rephrased – how to get more done in the limited time we have.

This basically means ideas for tools, scripts, or functionality in some hypothetical centralized maintainer helper website or GUI/CLI program that would help save time in taking care of some of the gruntwork that gets done by maintainers right now manually or by scripts that don’t get shared and re-used and generalized as much as they could.

Then afterwards I can sort through the suggestions/ideas, try to make a summary and arrange some of them to actually happen.

If things get done quicker, there is theoretically more available time, which hopefully would translate into being able to bring us back to the bleeding edge in one hand, and high quality in another.

I have intentionally left out my own ideas at start to keep everyone’s mind open to various approaches to this.

Please share your thoughts and ideas as a comment here, on my matching e-mail thread to gentoo-dev mailing list or via private e-mail!

(I think with this post I prevented my blogging pause to not reach over a year by about 20 minutes :)))