GNOME 2.22 unmasked

Note that this is an old post from April 2008, we have newer that that, really. Apparently some planets like to repost them on broken feed URL updates 🙂

Yes, indeed, GNOME 2.22 is now unmasked in Gentoo and entered ~arch and the updated profiles should be on the way to a mirror near you. But only ~x86 and ~amd64 for now, as there is still some keywording work to prepare for the rest. As I’m pretty much exhausted from the intention of getting this done before sleep and it getting done past 5am, I’m gonna be short and sweet.

Upgrade guide here (updated April 3rd); bugs go here of course. Praises (to the whole team, I am just one) go in comments right here or whereever we see, general complaints to /dev/null or comments as appropriate. My appreciation for the GNOME upstream goes to Planet GNOME with right this post (Thanks for the nice release!) 🙂
And now I mv /proc/self /dev/bed and hope stuff doesn’t break too much.

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