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Now that GNOME-2.20 is unleashed to ~arch in Gentoo, I can come out of hiding again and try to blog again, as all the cool guys are doing.
As this should be the first post that gets to Planet GNOME – Hello Gnome-ers! Therefore also a quick introduction might be in order:
My name is Mart Raudsepp, I’m from Estonia and I’m a member of the Gentoo Linux GNOME team. That’s enough, m’kay? Oh and you might have noticed my mug in Vilanova or Birmingham.

So, coming back to the real topic, I’m intending to gather some feedback about Gnome and Gnome related packages in Gentoo.
Please put anything Gnome related that you have always wanted to see in Gentoo, but still don’t, in the comments or e-mail me (leio AT gentoo DOT org).
Any cool ideas or technologies we should integrate? Any cool packages we are missing? What about GNOME development tools and Gentoo as a development platform for GNOME libraries and applications – anything we can do to help there?

Lets see what we really miss based on the comments/mails and we’ll see what we can do about it πŸ™‚
Now, go comment! I’ll look forward to it and do a follow-up post later.

16 thoughts on “GNOME on Gentoo Linux feedback request”

  1. Hi Mart,
    What I’d really like to see would be a portage packagekit backend. I think I read somewhere about catapult and somebody who tries to implement this but it seems like I can’t find any specific info on this on google. Except of course the initial post: The catapult homepage looks pretty empty to me, too. The basic idea sounds great imho. On the other hand I don’t even know if this is really that much gnome related.
    Another thing I’d like to see is a gnome-base/gnome USE flag that enables gentoo branding (menu icon/splash/Maybe even a link to the gentoo forums in the menubar between “Help” and “About GNOME”).
    Other than that I’m quite satisfied with gentoo’s gnome. It has always been a painless upgrade for me (even though I’m on ~amd64!) so thanks!

  2. Hiya Leio,

    First off, the gnome 2.20 unmasking seems to have gone really smoothly, well done! 5:)

    Here’s a quick look in my gnome-extra at tools I use that aren’t in portage (some are in sunrise though):

    * gnome-vfs-obexftp
    * timer-applet

    That’s really about it, I thought there’d be more… 5:) I’m also keen to see a really good working version of the latest gnome-system-tools (but I took a look at the perl and wasn’t sure where to start!).

    As for using gnome as a development environment, I know it’s more java’s area, but the eclipse-sdk is my main tool of choice, and it looks like they’re close to getting it into portage…

    Otherwise pretty much everything I need from gnome is there, you guys do a great job. Keep it up!

    Mike 5:)

  3. Can’t wait for 2.20 to go stable =D

    Keep up the good work, and I’d love to see tracker instead of beagle, and also install more codecs for Totem (like Ubuntu does) so that out-of-the-box, more file formats can be played.

  4. Audio preview in Nautilus! It can work without esd and using gstreamer with a one line modification to the patch 6 in bug (and a patch for gst-plugins-good 0.10.6, see the same bug)

    — Desktop/nautilus-use-better-audio-preview-6.patch 2007-10-23 20:25:33.612546401 +0200
    +++ patches/nautilus-2.20-make-audio-preview-work.patch 2007-10-23 17:16:37.503547522 +0200
    @@ -155,10 +153,10 @@
    – return TRUE;
    – }
    + return TRUE;
    – #endif
    + #elif HAVE_ESOUND

    /* Now check and see if system has audio out capabilites */

  5. Hmmm domething is wrong here, I know my email address and it is not in same domain as my home page. In short words: the email verification is … broken πŸ™‚

    P.S. change to gmail if want to email me

  6. I’d prefer to have gnome fully build with QA-features. It especially often breaks with FEATURES=”test”, which stops me from using it globally on my system.

  7. Hi Mart,
    Would it be possible for the Gnome packages to allow one to not build *all* the documentation? I’m really not concerned with the help in Chinese, or any of it at all in fact. I’d just like to be able to use the apps. I’ve had a lot of builds take forever or fail because of them (still haven’t gotten gnome-applets to build). Other than that, Gnome seems to be perfect on Gentoo, good job.

  8. First Matt, I would like to add to the chorus and say Thank you. Thank you for all of your hardword on gentoo and gnome.

    I recently built a new gentoo machine from the ground up and was bitten by the circular dependencies bug Circular dependecies
    Crazy circular dependencies

    Note, the fix to the problem is to remove the doc USE flag (-doc) from the packages hal dbus and dbus-glib.

    My constructive feedback, the circular dependencies mess; a ‘doc’ USE flag should not prevent installing gnome on a new gentoo box.

  9. Thanks from me as well.

    I know it’s in bugzilla, but I’d like to see vinagre get into the stable tree. I took a stab at compiling it from source the other day, but it relies on the unstable version of GTK+, and I’m not willing to go there. (I have enough trouble trying to keep a stable system working. HA!)

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