GNOME on Gentoo Linux feedback request


Now that GNOME-2.20 is unleashed to ~arch in Gentoo, I can come out of hiding again and try to blog again, as all the cool guys are doing.
As this should be the first post that gets to Planet GNOME – Hello Gnome-ers! Therefore also a quick introduction might be in order:
My name is Mart Raudsepp, I’m from Estonia and I’m a member of the Gentoo Linux GNOME team. That’s enough, m’kay? Oh and you might have noticed my mug in Vilanova or Birmingham.

So, coming back to the real topic, I’m intending to gather some feedback about Gnome and Gnome related packages in Gentoo.
Please put anything Gnome related that you have always wanted to see in Gentoo, but still don’t, in the comments or e-mail me (leio AT gentoo DOT org).
Any cool ideas or technologies we should integrate? Any cool packages we are missing? What about GNOME development tools and Gentoo as a development platform for GNOME libraries and applications – anything we can do to help there?

Lets see what we really miss based on the comments/mails and we’ll see what we can do about it 🙂
Now, go comment! I’ll look forward to it and do a follow-up post later.