gtk+-2.10 stabilization

News from the GNOME stabilization front:

We decided to go back to stabilizing GNOME in at least two steps again.
GTK+ and co in the first step, followed by the whole of GNOME as the second step.
So there is now bug #156572 for stabling gtk+-2.10 and co. It seems that amd64 is done already 🙂

Note that when going from gtk2.8 to gtk2.10, you need to rebuild packages that provide gtk modules (librsvg, gtk-engines and so on), as the modules ABI was upgraded from 2.4 to 2.10 – the gtk ebuild gives information about this too.
Additionally there might be problems with notification daemon related stuff, as noted in the GNOME 2.16 Upgrade Guide, probably won’t hurt to also do a revdep-rebuild run just to be sure.

Next step is GNOME-2.16 stabling and I hope that will happen soon…

The step after that?
Why are you asking. World domination of course.

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