Red5 on Gentoo / PMS

Red5 is an open source flash media server implementation. At work we are using Red5 to allow kids to record themselves, when practicing a foreign language (english)…

So I created an ebuild for it. And now I also have instructions on how to get going on Gentoo… check it out!

Also I

  • created an ebuild for nullmodem – see svn – still need to find a category for it…
  • tried to make the overlay conform to PMS (which recently has had the first public RFC release)

I briefly looked at PMS today and it feels rather good. I am by no means qualified to judge the technical merit of it, but I recognized much of the it and even learned a bit or two. It feels right to finally put all this into stone. I think it will be for the better of Gentoo and I would like to thank those who have and will improve on it.

linuxforum + overlay

Last weekends LinuxForum was really good – I especially enjoyed the PHK talk about varnish.

But also Brian Vinter’s talk about the Cell CPU was awesome. The idea that current CPU designs only use 5% of their power to do actual computing, while the rest is spend on branch prediction and caching strategies… amazing.

On Saturday I manned the gentoo ‘booth’ – we definitively need be better prepared next time! I guess people could hardly recognize what we where representing. As a consequence we were asked a lot if IBM notebooks where any good – as the booth sported somewhere between two to five of those at any one time.

We also had a nice chat with an ubuntu guy – among others we dispelled the old myth of compiling from source, because the programs then will run faster. I guess there are still a lot of people out there spreading this BS. g2boojum fits it rather nicely into:

We’re less rules-bound, we tend to favor pragmatism over ideological purity, and we favor flexibility and power over stability.

It was really cool to get to know dercorny and eroyf and jaervosz – i really need to meet more dev’s more often. (Sorry Alexander for not being there on wednesday!)

On the otherhand have i gotten hold of a personal dev overlay. genstef outfitted me with the bangert overlay. Thanks a lot.

I have started working on an ebuild for red5 – as I have not done java ebuilds before, that is a bit a challange. I am using the jetty ebuild as a template. Check it out.

Hhm, guess I am starting to get a kick out of this blogging stuff – never expected this to be this long.

The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.

Thomas Jefferson

First post

So I thought: lets give blogging a try. So here you go…

I tried Zimbra the other day – one of the guides in the forum explains how to install zimbra in an Ubuntu chroot. Well, I’d prefer an ebuild, but this one got you up an running fairly fast.

Zimbra seems nice and well thought out. Their performance analysis is impressive. The whole suit is split up into a number of fairly independent components, which makes me believe their numbers

I’ll be going to LinuxForum 2007 which is on February 2. and 3. here in Copenhagen. With a bit of luck I’ll make it to the business day (the 2.) as well. And I’ll get to meet the rest of the danish gentoo crowd. finally…

… so lets see who’s the craziest… …show up if you dare!