Gentoo WordPress theme WANTED

We are very close to move the Gentoo developer blogs from b2evolution to WordPress, mainly because of Akismet. I already tried the multiuser installation and I was impressed with its simple and quick installation process, as well as its features.

So this is a call to all Gentoo users out there, if any of you has created or found a WordPress Gentoo theme, I would highly appreciate it. In case someone is interested to create one, feel free to contact me. I don’t have anything in mind to be honest at the moment, but I guess we could try a few things.

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2 Responses to Gentoo WordPress theme WANTED

  1. Goner Leone says:

    How’s this for a start?

    I’m basing things of the site. Right now it’s a fixed width layout; I figured that would be better for a blog, but I could also changed it to fluid to match

    Let me know what you think. As a long time Gentoo user, I would love to give back to the community in some way.


  2. tampakrap says:

    I liked the idea of it being like the site. Also, the width looks fine to me, I wouldn’t prefer a bigger one. The result is a good start, but it still looks ugly :P
    Random ideas (I have pretty much no idea about web design, feel free to ignore me and continue working as you want):
    - a nice background
    - rounded corners maybe?
    - make the menus right and left prettier (no idea how)

    Do you want me to set you up a git repo? Maybe other people interested in that could submit patches that way.


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